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Jun 04 2014

Induction Week

Day 1: Intro to Appalachia
The first day of induction ran for about 8 1/2 hours but it felt much longer. For the rest of the week we are looking at 12 hour days. To keep our energy levels up it is suggested we carry snacks and a water bottle with us. Today was mostly informational. We learned about the region and TFA’s vision for the region. Appalachia is beautiful and I am glad to be here. Now, off  to bed as induction begins promptly at 7 am in the morning!
Day 2: A Day for US
Induction days are long and the content sparse. Much of the day was spent talking about ourselves! The morning began with an “I am From” poem, followed by a 1 1/2 hour drive to Red River Gorge where we were subjected to a mountain hike for the sole purpose of telling our “story of self” at…

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Jun 02 2014

‘Twas the Day Before Induction…

And all through the cabin, the family was sleeping –  in comatose fashion. From the way they appeared, they simply slept where they stopped, fully clothed and surrounded by luggage. We drove in yesterday in two vehicles. Normally, when the entire family (8 children 2 adults) is going anywhere we rent a 15 passenger van.…

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May 07 2014

The End is Just the Beginning…

This is it! It is my last day of student teaching. It is surreal.  Over this past semester I have had the privilege of teaching 8th grade reading, 8th grade reading intervention, 10th grade college prep, 11th grade honors, and 12th grade advanced placement classes; all the while preparing for Teach For America. I am…

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