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May 07 2014

The End is Just the Beginning…

This is it! It is my last day of student teaching. It is surreal.  Over this past semester I have had the privilege of teaching 8th grade reading, 8th grade reading intervention, 10th grade college prep, 11th grade honors, and 12th grade advanced placement classes; all the while preparing for Teach For America.

I am excited to be moving to Appalachia, KY next month! I’ve only ever been to Kentucky once and it was absolutely beautiful. I am nervous about summer institute because I am bringing my family (husband and five children). Institute is demainding enough without adding the additional demands of a family, from what I have heard (and read)! However, I can’t imagine doing this without them. They have been an amazing support system.

I do feel as if I have some what of a head start coming in as an education major and certified teacher. My senior year of college was spent teaching in multiple classrooms so I have already overcome my nervousness, observed countless classrooms and encountered classroom management issues. Even with that, I realize that every new experience births new challenges. Mentally, I am ready. We’ll see how this goes as my journey progresses!

Let the countdown begin!

2 days to graduation!

26 days to regional induction!

31 days to summer institute!



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